Jollibee Canada menu
All the fan favourites are available, including Chicken Joy and Jolly Spaghetti. Here's everything on the Jollibee Canada menu.
McDonald's Canada - Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry
McDonald’s Canada serves more than 2.5 million Canadians every day at more than 1,400 locations across the country!
Air fryer chicken recipe
Using an air fryer, you can have delicious, perfectly crispy chicken wings in no time at all! Try my air fryer chicken wings recipe today!
Krispy Kreme Canada
From original glazed doughnuts to specialty brewed coffee, here is everything that’s availabkle on the Krispy Kreme Canada menu!
Ontario icewine
Wine makers recorded the smallest amount of grapes designated for making Ontario icewine, likely to result in a high demand for 2020 bottles. Icewine is a dessert wine produced from grapes that are left to freeze on the vine before being harvested. Frozen grapes result in more concentrated juice which result in a smaller amount of more concentrated and extremely sweet...
KFC is partnering with Cooler Master on the KFConsole, a gaming console that will play games in 4K (and keep your chicken warm too!)
pecan sandies recipe
Delicious, rich cookies! Double up and save the remaining dough for future baking. Try my Pecan Sandies Recipe today!
tangzhong Ensaymada recipe
Tangzhong is a yeast bread technique popular across Asia which makes bread soft and fluffy. Try my Tangzhong Ensaymada Recipe today!
chocolate chip pecan cookie
Whether you’re baking for the weekend or for the holidays, you really should give this fuss-free Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookie recipe a try!
Shakey’s mojos
The next time you’re out for groceries, you might want to pass by the frozen aisle to pick up some frozen, ready to cook Shakey’s Mojos.