The Rolling Pin: Gourmet donuts and cakes


It’s been raining and it’s dreary. The weather called for coffee + pastry, so I decided to go a nearby pastry shop, The Rolling Pin.

The shop is quite charming with its vintage chic décor thoughtfully echoing the bakeshop’s logo.

Upon entering, I was greeted by rows of gourmet doughnuts, cookies, macarons and cupcakes. But I knew exactly what to get: the chocolate and salted caramel doughnut, a macaron and coffee.

The doughnut is interestingly served with caramel in a plastic pipette, giving you the option to fill or drizzle the doughnut – pretty clever. It adds fun to the whole gourmet doughnut experience. Apart from the novelty of the pipette, the doughnut itself was fresh, fluffy and all the right kind of goodness and it wasn’t overly sweet. The hint of salt elevated the taste of the caramel (which actually tasted more like Dulce de Leche to me). And as for the macaron…I’ll give it another try next time.

I’m sure to come back to try other goodies and maybe next time I’ll get a stronger cup of coffee.

You can check out The Rolling Pin’s website for more information.

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