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Christmas brunch ideas

Christmas Brunch Ideas

Here’s a quick list of Christmas brunch ideas. Warning: there’s plenty of gingerbread on this list!
flat bread recipe

Easy Cheesy Flat Bread Recipe

Simple yummy and delicious, this easy cheesy flat bread recipe is a perfect no-fuss appetizer that won’t disappoint!
pork munggo recipe

Mung Bean Stew recipe

Pork with mung beans (guisadong munggo) is a Filipino favourite.
Tapsilog recipe

Tapsilog recipe

Thinly sliced beef strips, a fried egg and cup of garlic fried rice sets the stage for a great meal any time of the day!
apple pie recipe

Apple Pie Recipe

It’s hard to resist not having a slice after baking. Try my Apple Pie recipe today!
butternut squash

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Cauliflower Soup recipe

Butternut squash + cauliflower = great soup! It's very easy to make when you use an Instant Pot!
maltesers tart recipe

Maltesers Tart recipe

Maltesers made even better! Check out my Maltesers Tart recipe.
sans rival recipe

Sans Rival recipe

My Sans Rival recipe is made of thin nutty meringue layers, covered and filled with buttercream.
thanksgiving in canada

Thanksgiving in Canada: a celebration of friends, family and food

Why does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day? Here’s a quick history lesson on Thanksgiving in Canada.
captain's boil

The Captain’s Boil: Feast like a Pirate, Dine like a Captain

Eating with your hands is a common practice. If you haven’t tried it, you’re in for quite a treat at The Captain's Boil!