Tim Hortons cereal: Chocolate Glazed & Birthday Cake now available

Tim Hortons cereal
The new Tim Hortons cereal comes in two flavours, Chocolate Glazed & Birthday Cake. Via @PostFoods

Tim Hortons’ new collaboration with Post Foods have resulted in a new cereal inspired by the restaurant’s famous TimBits. Tim Hortons cereal is now available at local groceries all across Canada.

Stores will sell two different flavours of the cereal: one is chocolate glazed and the other is birthday cake.

News of the new cereal made the rounds on social media last year when photos of the packaging were leaked.

Tim Hortons and its parent company, Restaurant Brands International, neither confirmed nor denied the existence of the product at the time, but did officially announce it in a news release on January 6, 2020.

“The two-bite Timbits Canadians have loved since 1976 can now be enjoyed as an even more bite sized treat with milk in cereal bowls coast to coast,” Tim Hortons said in a statement.

The company has been making changes in its menu to keep up with changing consumer demand.

Last year, Tim Hortons introduced edible coffee bars as well as plant-based sandwiches using Beyond Meat products.

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s probably why they thought it would be a good idea to introduce Tim Hortons Cereal into our lives.

First teased way back in October 2019, Tim Hortons first try at making breakfast cereal is now available to the public. They call it TimBits cereal.

They come in two flavours, both inspired by the coffee chain’s iconic TimBits donut holes.


The two available flavours are Chocolate Glazed and Birthday Cake.

The company promises that their new cereal will bring “a whole new element of fun” to breakfast tables all across Canada.

The Tim Hortons cereal are now available at all major supermarkets and grocery stores, including Costco Canada.

Fans of Tim Hortons TimBits will be able to choose from two of the most beloved donut flavours in Canada.

Reactions to the release of the new Tim Hortons cereal are mixed, to say the least.

Some fans are looking forward to trying out the new cereal, while others are asking if we really need another sugary cereal for breakfast.


A 36g serving of Chocolate Glazed Tim Hortons cereal has 17g of sugar and 32g of carbs. That’s about the equivalent of about two double doubles.

The Chocolate Glazed version is exactly as advertised: if you like chocolate cereal, then you’re going to love the new TimBits Chocolate Glazed cereal.

It’s like a more refined version of Nesquik, giving you that nice familiar chocolate flavour. It’s super popular with my kids.

Although it’s not exactly suitable for someone on a keto diet.

The Birthday Cake flavoured Tim Hortons cereal has a little less sugar, but not by much.

The Birthday Cake version is another story altogether. It doesn’t particularly taste bad, but it doesn’t particularly taste good neither.

My suggestion is that if you absolutely must, go for the Chocolate Glazed instead.

Both cereals retail for $5.29 each, which is inline with most cereals you see at the grocery. Give it a try today!

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