How to make world-famous Shakey’s Mojos at home

Shakey’s Mojos are now available at select Robinsons Supermarkets in the Philippines. Via @TheSweetEdge

The next time you’re out for groceries, you might want to pass by the frozen aisle to pick up some frozen, ready to cook Shakey’s Mojos.


The popular Shakey’s menu item is now available at select Robinsons Supermarkets in the Philippines.

Shakey’s is famous for its pizza and fired chicken, but also for its lightly battered and golden brown potato slices. Now you too, can enjoy the delicious deep fried potato snack right in the comfort of your own home.

The frozen, ready-to-cook packs of Mojos will sell for a suggested retail price PhP375.00.

Shakey’s shared their preferred way of making your frozen Mojos as crispy and tasty as possible: rinsing the potato slices before applying breading and deep frying.

The frozen pack of Mojos available at the supermarket doesn’t come with breading, which you’ll have to put together youself using garlic poder, all-purpose flour, black pepper, salt, paprika and thyme.

Shakey’s Japan shared a recipe for Mojos online, which called for microwaving the slices of potatoes before frying.

Shakey’s Mojos (Japanese version)

If you prefer, you can also make Shakey’s Mojos from scratch, using the official recipe.


Fried Chicken Breading (100g)
Salt (30g)
Pepper (10g)
Cooking oil


  1. Cut potatoes into 9mm slices
  2. Heat in microwave for 5 minutes.
  3. Put potato slices in a bowl of fried chicken breading, salt and pepper, then mix well. Make sure to sprinkle to sprinkle the mix evenly.
  4. Heat up pan with oil then fry the potato slices slowly for five minutes.

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