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Salted Caramel Apple Streusel Cake

Salted Caramel Apple Streusel Cake tops my list on my favourite cakes. Dare I say, perhaps even MORE than chocolate cake. I wish I can give you each ... Continue Reading

Pad Thai Inspired

Pad Thai has great flavours, doesn't it? Im not talking about the fast food overly sweet pad thai right now. While that's very comforting too, I ... Continue Reading

Spun Sugar and Sponge Cake

Confession, this was supposed to be a drip cake - that was my plan. After pouring the caramel, I decided otherwise and grabbed my offset spatula ... Continue Reading

Peach Perfect Wine Smoothie

It's peach season here in Ontario, so why not make peach wine smoothie? Peach wine is perfect for summer barbecues with friends, or an evening on the ... Continue Reading

Make Your Own Freakshakes

Hi everyone! Have you heard of freakshakes? It's a new twist on milkshakes and they're totally crazy! You can make these at home and it's really ... Continue Reading

The Fluffiest Pancake Ever! 

I made the fluffiest pancakes ever! It's so soft and fluffy, just like a baked sponge cake. These are actually Japanese style pancakes. Its method ... Continue Reading
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