Honey glazed baked chicken recipe with Asian peanut sauce linguine



Family meals are important to me, so I do make it a point to prepare meals on a daily basis. I grew up having fresh home cooked meals everyday and it’s a comforting feeling that after a hard day’s work there’s always great food to look forward to. This recipe is one of my family’s favourite and has been a staple in our meals. Although, there may be different components in this dish, it’s really not as daunting as you’d think.

Asian Peanut Sauce Linguine with Baked Honey Glazed Chicken

Servings: 4 – 6

For the Pasta and Vegetables:

8 ounces linguine

1 medium Spanish onion
1 whole medium yellow bell pepper, julienned
1/2 cup shiitake mushroom, julienned
1 cup snow peas, bias cut
1/2 cup carrots, julienned
1/2 cup Zuchinni, julienned


1/2 cup peanut butter, smooth
1/2 cup hoisin sauce
1/2 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp sriracha (add more if preferred or omit)
2 tsp fish sauce
3-4 tbsp brown sugar, honey if you prefer

For the baked chicken Marinade:

2 chicken breasts
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup vinegar
1 tbsp grated ginger
1 tbsp grated garlic


1/4 cup hoisin sauce
1/4 cup honey


1/4 cup peanuts
2 tbsp sesame seeds
1 cup or more cilantro


  1. Marinade chicken for overnight.
  2. Prepare glaze by mixing the 2 ingredients.
  3. Bake chicken at 365F for approximately 35 – 45 minutes. 30 minutes into baking, brush glaze on the chicken, place back in the oven to finish baking, this way the glaze caramelizes. Chicken is done when internal temperature easily registers 165F, using a meat thermometer . Once done set aside.
  4. Cook linguine according to the packaging instructions. Once cooked, set aside.
  5. Heat oil in a pan or a wok, sauté onions and garlic, followed by shiitake, carrots, snow peas, yellow bell pepper, zuchinni. Cook very briefly, always best to check for “doneness”. We want the veggies to still have enough crunch to it. Also, there’s “carry over cooking” – meaning even after you’ve literally turned off the heat and removed it from the pan, the veggies will continue to cook as it retains heat.
  6. Once veggies are done, set aside in a bowl.
  7. In the same wok, mix all your ingredients for the sauce. Cook low heat, occasionally stirring. Once the the sauce is smooth. Remove from heat, add the cooked pasta and add in the veggies.
  8. Slice the baked chicken.
  9. To serve, transfer to individual bowls add slices of chicken and add cilantro, sprinkle sesame seeds and add peanuts.
  10. Alternatively, you can serve the chicken separately in a different dish.

You can also make the recipe vegetarian, just prepare the pasta, sauce and veggies.

Happy Cooking! 🙂

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