Purple yam: an all time favourite is even better when made into jam



I love this stuff!! Did I mention that it’s purple? Like, it’s naturally purple. They told me that making Ube Halaya (in Tagalog) would be a little difficult. I thought to myself: how hard could it be?

Well, 3 hours of constant stirring later…
It’s definitely time consuming and also very labour intensive. While ready-made purple yam ‘jam’ is available in most Asian groceries, I wanted to try making it from scratch.

You can eat it as is (I do) or use it as a filling when you make ensaymada, maybe a pie filling too. You could also try this: Ube Trifle. It’s not as heavy as you think, the delicate whipped cream and soft cake balances it out. It is super delish!

Here’s the recipe for the purple yam jam.

If you simply want to re-create this trifle without making the jam, you will need: store bought ube halaya/purple yam jam, sponge or chiffon cake and whipped cream. Enjoy!

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