This spinach feta stuffed chicken has been a hit with my family. It hasn’t been easy to sell the idea of having spinach or anything green to a couple of meat lovers. When given veggies, I always get this answer: “I’ll have it later.” That translates to: “No, not happening.” Ok, maybe not every time I feed them greens but definitely MOST of the time and I need to be creative. But this chicken and spinach recipe, they absolutely love.

I have to be honest, this might not be the quickest meal to prepare but I can guarantee that it’s well worth it. If you haven’t ‘butterflied’ any chicken breasts before. Try to look up some insightful techniques in doing so, like this link from Good Housekeeping.

This recipe can be enjoyed with salad for more greens (!), or serve it with quinoa(definitely healthy!!) or even rice!
Happy Cooking! Cheers!

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