KFC launches a console that keeps your chicken warm whilst you play


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has partnered with Cooler Master and is releasing a gaming console that will keep your KFC nice and warm while you get your game on.

The KFConsole is a gaming console in the shape of a KFC Bargain Bucket with a built in chamber that will keep a small amount of chicken nice and warm.

The magic comes from a custom-built cooling system that will channel the heat produced by the gaming console to the chamber.

The gaming console by an Intel NUC 9 Extreme Compute Element with a pair of 1 terabyte SSD drives from Seagate for storage.

The KFConsole will deliver games capable of running at 4K.

“This machine is capable of running games at top-level specs, all on top of keeping your meal warm for you to enjoy during your gaming experience… what’s not to like?,” Mark Cheevers of KFC said in a press release. “If Sony or Microsoft want any tips on how to engineer a chicken chamber for their efforts next time, they’d be welcome to get in touch.”

KFC has tried other unorthodox collaborations in the past, including with Canadian footware company Crocs when they released a limited edition shoe and with Enviro-Log, when they released a fireplace log that releases the sweet smell of KFC.


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